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  • 1 Guest Per Person allowed between the hours of 12:00- 6:00pm

  • No Eating in the bedrooms

  • 24/7 Quiet Hours upstairs

  • No smoking in the home. You may smoke outside in the backyard if you would like.

  • No Guest are allowed upstairs at no time, no exceptions.

House Instructions

Let me help you make your lives easier when sharing space.

  • Quiet hours 24/7 upstairs

  • As a flight attendant, you are coming and going at all hours of the day and night.  You never know when a person is sleeping.  Please keep your voices down at all times.  Respect.

  • If you are sleeping and the common area is loud, please text me and I will kindly ask everyone to lower their voices.  Getting your rest is extremely important and our guests understand.

  • Luggage Storage

  • All luggage is stored in the dressings area and in the designated closet space if space permits.

  • Clean Up After Yourself!

  • Maid service is service is every other week.

  • Dump trash in trashcan if full.  Do your part.  Trash bags are under the sink. 

  • Clean toilet after yourself.  Cleaning supplies are under sink.

  • Clean your Hair out of tub after you wash your hair

  • Do not leave dishes in sink.  Wash them and place in dishwasher.

  • Empty Dishwasher if it is full & restock cabinets (Maid comes once per week)

  • Empty trash in Kitchen area if it is full (GREEN Garbage Can Only)– Trash bags are under sink -

Linen & Towels

  • You are given a set of towels and a set of sheets for your bed.  You are responsible for cleaning your own towels and bedding for monthly stays.

  • Your Bath Towel will be hanging at the foot of your Canopy Bed

  • More clean towels will be in the bathroom closet.

  • Put your dirty towels in the basket located in laundry closet.

  • Hang your wet/used Bath towel on the Hook located on your canopy bed if staying multiple nights

Kitchen Rules

  • Wash dirty dishes & place them in the appropriate place.  If dishwasher has not been emptied, leave dishes on right side of sink.

  • Wash all drinking cups after Each use.  

Living Room Rules

  • It’s perfectly fine to eat on in the living room and on the couch.  Enjoy.

  • If you break or spill anything please let persons in charge know and clean up after yourself.

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